Digital Dental X-Rays

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Seven reasons why our x-rays are digital

We have found that digital x-rays are much easier, faster and cleaner than other kinds of radiography. It makes things a lot easier and quicker for everyone, and it frees up precious time to devote to the care of our patients.

During a new patient consultation, we compile detailed information about your oral health verbally and visually. Your health records are kept digitally which makes storing and transferring records between other dental offices and specialists easier.

Another added bonus of digital x-rays is the fact that they are well…digital! That means we can more accurately display and highlight troubled areas by utilizing enhancing tools and resources during your time with Dr. Nash.

Below you will find some of the great advantages of why we use digital radiography at Legacy Dental Studio.

1. Less radiation exposure

Typically, digital x-rays use less radiation, oftentimes more than 75% less than conventional x-rays.

2. Enhances x-ray images

Digital x-rays allow Dr. Angela Nash to control how each image is exposed, and enables her to make your images lighter or darker on demand. It’s also possible to enlarge your images, enhance the color, and also superimpose textures.

These features improve the ability to detect any disease and find out what stage or state it’s in. Digital x-rays also improve Dr. Nash’s ability to educate her patients by providing easy to see, immediate visuals. They also improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.

3. Quality of X-rays are enhanced

Detail and clarity are essential when it comes to dental x-rays. Digital x-rays used by Legacy Dental Studio in Fort Myers, provide image quality which surpasses regular film, showing tiny imperfections and fractures that conventional film might not show.

4. Digital patient records

Paper charts being filed, organized, and stored can leave room for human error leading to information loss. With digital equipment, Legacy Dental Studio is able to eliminate the need for filing and storing x-rays. Dr. Angela Nash, a Fort Myers dentist can access the digital x-rays that are in your chart from any of her office computers allowing easy access to your records.

5. No chemicals

Digital x-rays eliminate the need for harmful chemicals that are used in developing conventional x-rays.

6. Time & productivity savings

With digital radiography, a good deal of time is saved by not having to develop the image. A typical conventional x-ray takes 7 minutes to develop. The image would then have to be evaluated for diagnostic quality by Dr. Nash and if not satisfactory, the entire process would have to be repeated. Digital x-rays appear directly on the computer screen instantly and can be immediately evaluated and retaken if needed. Images are stored digitally and can be referenced at the click of a mouse. Side-by-side comparisons of past images is also a helpful tool for diagnosis. The ability for Dr. Nash to send images electronically to specialists enhances her ability to treatment plan comprehensively.

7. Images aren’t lost

No longer is there a concern that x-rays could be lost or misplaced. They are stored digitally on a local server that is regularly backed up to ensure records remain safe and secure.